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At Buffalo Energy we are energy contractors
specializing in saving the planet.

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At Buffalo Energy we are energy contractors
specializing in saving the planet.

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The UB GRoW Home Is Underway In The National Solar Decathalon - BE Is a Sponsor And Adviser For The Students

Solar is on the rise in Buffalo, long a city of innovation in…

Pope Addressing UN Regarding Sustainability


Commited to Saving the World.

We are a full-service energy contractor using our power for good. We perform comprehensive energy assessments and install high-efficiency upgrades for residential, commercial and historic buildings throughout the northeast.

BE is a team of experienced installers, building scientists and contracting professionals with a genuine passion to promote energy efficiency and the installation of clean technologies to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. We are accredited by the Building Performance Institute, the nation’s premier building performance credentialing and quality assurance organization.

Our mission is to offer something far more valuable than a job well done and a retrofit that pays for itself. Beyond solving the immediate energy issue, we introduce clients to a new way of thinking that makes it easy for them to adopt sustainable practices that reduce their environmental impact. We’re not just saving energy — we’re building a movement to the sustainable future.

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