NESEA Building Energy Conference is almost here! March 6 – 8 in Boston, MA!

If you haven’t been to a NESEA Building Energy Conference than you are really missing out. The conference covers all aspects of buildings including single family, multifamily, renewable technologies, energy saving results, financing energy retrofits.. and the list goes on and on. Its fun. Its hip. Its innovative. NESEA is a really first class conference.

The information can be found here:

This year, Buffalo Energy is proud to announce that we are sponsoring the multifamily track which is part organized by Bernice Radle, a young, enthusiastic lady who joined us just over a year ago. We are thrilled to be a sponsor of this track and are very pleased with the sessions which include historical retrofitting, a session on results seen across the Northeast, financing and more. It is really a slam dunk track!

We also have other big news about NESEA! Bernice Radle will also be a part of the Keynote Experience! She will be discussing the idea of cities and having a whole systems thought process when it comes to sustainability. High performance buildings are only one part of the equation… when will we begin thinking about how to address policy and proote high performance urbanism along with our energy efficient buildings?!!??

Bernice will be speaking alongside with Chris Benedict and John Abrams during this keynote experience. Both who are extremely smart and are doing amazing things in the building energy world. Its a big deal and we are excited!

We hope you will go to the conference. It will be super fun and is really worth going on so many levels.

See you at NESEA!

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