Energy Efficiency Incentive Programs – March 2012

We wanted to put together a short list of basically every incentive program out there for residential and commercial buildings including federal, state and utility incentives. Here they are! Call us if you want to take advantage. 716.677.4899.

Energy Efficiency Incentive Programs – 2012

Federal Incentive Programs – Commercial

A tax deduction of up to $1.80 per square foot is available to commercial building owners that save at least 50% of the building energy use over ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2001. Partial deductions of up to $.60 per square foot can be taken for measures affecting any one of three building systems: the building envelope, lighting, or heating and cooling systems. The subsystem energy saving targets are; 20% for interior lighting, 20% for HVAC, and 10% for building envelope.

State Incentive Programs – Residential

Home Performance with Energy Star – Available for 1-4 family homes

  • Existing Building only
  • Incentive is 50% of eligible measures up to $2,500 per unit for affordable housing
  • 10% rebates for market rate homes
  • Low-interest financing is available at 3.49% and 2.99%
  • Free or reduced-cost energy audits are available

Multifamily Performance Program – Available for buildings of 5 units or more

  • Existing Building incentive of $600/apartment
  • New Construction/Gut Rehab incentives are $1.50/sf plus
  • GJGNY financing available – 50% rate buy-down
  • 15% energy savings goal required

Energy Star Homes Program – Available for single and multi-family buildings

  • New Construction/Gut Rehab projects only
  • Incentives up to $2,500 per dwelling unit
  • Up to $2,000 tax credit for eligible builders
  • 30% Co-Op advertising incentive for builder
  • Building receives EPA Energy Star Label

Green Residential Building Program – Available for buildings up to 11 units

  • New Construction/Gut Rehab projects only
  • Incentives of $3.75/sf
  • Typically combined with ES Home incentives
  • LEED or NAHB Silver Certification Required

State Incentive Programs – Commercial

Existing Facilities Program – Commercial buildings of all types

  • Fixed rebate amount for efficient equipment upgrades
  • Simple application process
  • Customized incentive amounts depend on total energy saved
  • Energy analysis required to document savings

Utility Incentive Programs – Residential and Commercial

The Utility providers (National Fuel, National Grid, NYSEG, and RG&E) have their own rebate programs for both residential and commercial buildings. There are generally two types of rebates: prescriptive and customized.

Prescriptive Rebates

  • Fixed rebate amount for efficient equipment upgrades
  • Simple application process
  • Equipment must meet Utility-defined efficiency levels

Customized Rebates

  • Rebate amount depends on amount of energy saved
  • Energy analysis required to document savings
  • Allows for rebates from measures other than equipment upgrades


Eligible Measures:

Although each program has a unique set of requirements, they generally provide incentives for high-efficiency equipment and other energy-saving upgrades to the building including:

  • Heating System Replacement
  • Insulation
  • Lighting Upgrades
  • Weather Stripping
  • Air Sealing
  • Hot Water Heater Upgrades
  • Low-Flow Water Devices
  • Energy Star Refrigerators

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Buffalo Energy in the Social Media World.

Buffalo Energy is now on Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube. We want you to be our friend and connect with us!

Flickr – This is a great photo sharing site that we plan to add a lot of content to. Right now there is one file but it will get bigger and better, we promise!
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We tweet using #energyefficiency or #energygeek A LOT.
Facebook – Everyone should join the facebook and start getting their friends/family to “like” the page. There is a lot of info on our facebook about what we are up to and building ideas/articles we like.
Pinterest – Pinterest is AWESOME. We can upload photos to our boards (think pinning photos on a pin board) and the whole world can see them. This is a great way to push energy efficiency as a whole which will make our industry more productive. We will be adding photos on building science stuff, funny things we see in buildings, home improvement ideas and more.
Youtube – Channel Name: Buffenergy
I subscribed to a few channels to get content up there but we need to start getting videos up there. We will start posting videos up soon.

Buffalo Energy Postcard!

We have been working over the last six months  to solidify our message, make over our website, make sleek, hip marketing materials and to really brand ourselves. It has been a lot of fun! We will continue to share things with you as they come online.

Here is our new postcard. (model cred: Bernice)

The back has all the “about us” on it. See below for the text.

About Buffalo Energy

Our mission is to identify and implement cost-effective solutions to reduce energy use in buildings while leveraging available incentive programs.

As building performance contractors, we specialize in air-sealing residential, commercial and historic buildings throughout the northeast.

For new construction projects, we help design teams evaluate the air barrier details then implement and verify building tightness levels. In existing buildings, we use diagnostic equipment like blower doors and infrared cameras to identify and prioritize air leakage zones. Then we seal these areas and re-test to document results.

Buffalo Energy specializes in air sealing because it:

  • Pays for itself quickly
  • Increases occupant comfort
  • Reduces energy use

For more information call us at (716) 677-4899

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NESEA update!

Fred, Michael and I (Bernice) traveled to Boston last week to attend the NESEA Building Energy Conference. We had a blast. We learned a lot of information about air leakage testing in large buildings, why modeling is silly, exterior cladding, historic preservation, cool iphone apps to use on an energy audit and more!  We also spent a lot of time talking and building relationships with a lot of the other professionals in our industry.

I was honored to be a part of the keynote experience along side with Robert Leaver, John Abrams and Chris Benedict. You can read my speech here. What an amazing experience. Next year for BE13, we are going to get Fred and Michael to do an all day training session of some sort.. details will follow soon.

You can see the conference photos on the NESEA site here: