Green Building 101 Event: June 18th // 7pm // Hallwalls // Free!



Buffalo Energy is excited to be a part of this Green Building 101 event! 
Not only is it promoting green buildings but we get to speak in the city we love the most, Buffalo!

Click here for the facebook event. For more details on the event and WNYSEA go here.

WNYSEA and GreenHomeNYC Presents: Green Building 101

The experts from NYC and Buffalo are coming together for one night only to give you the best, most effective tips to green your building.
Come to listen, learn and be inspired!

Speakers: Shai Lauros, GreenHomeNYC, Fred Fellendorf and Bernice Radle of Buffalo Energy

Details: Monday, June 18th // 7pm // Free // Hallwalls // 341 Delaware Ave

Are you a homeowner, commercial property owner or property manager concerned with increasing energy costs?
Are you a contractor, architect, interior designer or real estate broker whose clients have asked about green buildings?
Do you plan to renovate, buy or develop a building?
If you answered YES, we have the experts here to help you!
GreenHomeNYC pairs with WNYSEA to curate the top tips for greening buildings by way of green materials, waste prevention and reduction, and energy efficiency. Take a tour around what the experts in the field have to say to design, construct, maintain and enjoy an energy efficiency building with healthy indoor environmental quality. This forum is a spinoff of an earlier forum that took place in New York City in May, organized by GreenHomeNYC and hosted by Trespa, wherein an audience of tenants, homeowners and building professionals gathered to hear how to reduce energy and water use; improve occupant health, safety and comfort with non-toxic, reusable and recycled building materials; and prevent waste and pollution. 
Join us in Buffalo for a Green Building 101 on June 18th where we review the same, but with particular attention to those issues facing Buffalo’s building stock. There’ll be something here for everyone – we’ll present insider tips applicable to novices and experts alike. To start things off, we’ll screen the videos produced from the NYC forum that discuss why we’re embarking on our Green Buildings, Green Cities campaign, and take questions from the audience on these issues. Following this, our Buffalo experts will take the stage to discuss their top tips for greening the City’s buildings. 
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Funding provided by the NYS Pollution Prevention Institute through a grant from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. Any opinions, finding, conclusions or recommendations expressed are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Department of Environmental Conservation.

Whoa, your building is leaky!

News Flash: Forget the sexy solar panels, you have holes in your building that you need to fix first!

Most people think of solar panels or LED lighting when they want to go “green”. Although solar is fun, this is not the right thing to do first. Here is why…

Right now you have holes on the insides and outsides of your building that connects conditioned space to non conditioned space. This wastes money and energy – BIG TIME. Sealing up and insulating the holes in the “shell” or “envelope” of your building is what really matters. Energy efficiency first, renewable technologies come later.This is what you should be thinking when it comes to being more energy efficient. 

Air sealing and insulating your house is not very sexy but it is cost effective and worth every penny. These two measures work together to give you the “ahhh” feeling when you realize that your bills are lower AND you are much more comfortable in the winter because all the holes are sealed and your drafts are gone.

A comprehensive energy assessment is FREE to you and it will identify areas of air leakage, energy efficiency measures and check your home for health and safety concerns.The assessment will give you a better understanding of how you can save money on your utility bills and how quickly your money will payback.

The moral of the story is FIX YOUR HOLES FIRST! 🙂

Call us today so we can help you save cash and the environment. 716.677.4899

We Love Greening Historic Buildings!

We just wanted to tell our readers how much we LOVE greening historic buildings.

We have really become the experts out in the field when it comes to greening historic buildings – it sort of happened by accident because most of the buildings being rehabbed in Buffalo are historic!!

But time and experiences in these amazing buildings have really helped us gather all of the tools and knowledge that it takes to successfully push through the energy efficiency process in conjunction with the historic preservation requirements. The two really come together quite nicely and it is always great to see a historic building brought back to life. Preserving and reusing our older structures is a great way to save energy and help maintain the wonderful historic fabric, character and intricate detail that is no longer found in new construction. They are built to last and contrary to what some people think – they are often more efficient than new buildings!

Here are a photos of just a couple buildings that we have been involved with that are historic and energy efficient! We also have a lot more in our pipeline that should be coming through very soon. We also added external news links (click on the green colored title) for a couple of the buildings.


AC Lofts: Downtown Buffalo, NY

The Touraine: Downtown Buffalo, NY

St. Regis (A converted school building in 1901) – Berlin, New Hampshire

Amherst Station: Buffalo, NY

HOME: Buffalo, NY

Retrofit Your Multifamily Building TODAY!

There are incentives right now that can give you up to $1,200 per apartment unit for installing energy efficiency measures.This is a BIG deal. Not only can you reduce your bottom line but you can make your residents more comfortable, healthier and happier.

Give us a call for more info – 716.677.4899

Here is the multifamily program incentive breakdown!

NYSERDA Multifamily Performance Program: Available for buildings of 5 units or more

  • Existing Building incentive of $600/apartment – up to $1,200/apartment
  • New Construction/Gut Rehab incentives are $1.50/sf plus
  • GJGNY financing available – 50% rate buy-down
  • 15% energy savings goal required
Here is an example of a multifamily building. This is located in Manchester, New Hampshire, we spend a lot of time there doing audits and energy efficiency implementation.