Photos from the NYSERDA Multifamily Partner Conference

Here are a few photos (taken via our phones) from the conference last week in Niagara Falls, NY. They are a little blurry but they do the job.

We had a lot of fun in Niagara Falls! Mark did a lot of teaching about reading design specs for New Construction. Fred, being a leader in our industry, was on several panels discussing how to make the Multifamily program better. Meanwhile, Bernice, Michael and Josh were connecting with industry leaders, making friends and learning from the best of the best across NYS.

Here are some photos. We also won an award for best results in New Construction! (Don’t worry, a blog post will be coming shortly with the award info!)

If you own a multifamily building, you should consider taking advantage of this program. The incentives are good, the program is streamlined & efficient and the benefits to your building and pocketbook are very good. Call us today for info – 716.677.4899.


NYSERDA Multifamily Partner Conference

Today we have a crew of us in Niagara Falls, NY at the NYSERDA Multifamily Partner conference.

This conference is a great event where all the existing and new partners (who help building owners take advantage of the MPP program) come together to discuss programs ups and downs, lead generation ideas and overall growth of our industry.

We are getting some really neat feedback, ideas and concepts to take home to better serve our existing clients as well as generate more leads.
We also have Mark and Fred speaking at tomorrow at this conference to help other partners understand architectural drawings a little better for new construction projects! Neat, huh?

If you have any questions about the multifamily performance program, please email or call us!
This is truly a great way to take advantage of incentive dollars, save energy & money on utility bills and help your building(s) live longer and stronger. || 716.677.4899