Multifamily Construction Watch: The Buffalo Region is Rocking & Rolling!

June is turning out to be a great month for the Buffalo, NY Region!

Right now we have three major multifamily projects (totaling over 250 units!) that are completing energy retrofits using the NYSERDA Multifamily Performance Program. (And many more to come!) All three of the projects are projected to have at least a 15% energy usage reduction and with the NYSERDA incentives available for multifamily buildings, these energy retrofit projects easily make economic sense. The measures installed have to have a savings to investment ratio of ONE of greater which means that for every dollar you spend, you get at least one dollar back. Workscopes for energy retrofits can vary in size and costs but can include: windows, doors, insulation, air sealing, insulated roofs, high efficiency heating equipment, low flow devices, pipe insulation and much more.

Doing an energy retrofit really is a win-win for the environment, the owner, the residents and the region as we create jobs, invest in our properties, reduce maintenance & utility costs and create healthier, more affordable homes. Energy retrofits help to create and maintain green jobs such as insulation crews, building consultants, material makers, laborers, etc.. all while reducing maintenance and energy costs for the building. On top of jobs and cost savings, the residents see huge benefits – increased comfort in the winter months, healthier living situations, new Energy Star appliances and even lower utility bills, if they pay for them directly. The significance of these types of energy retrofit projects go way beyond just the energy savings!!

Here are a few photos of the buildings. We will post more photos soon on the construction process as it happens. Stay tuned for more!

Bryant Street Apartments is a historic beauty found in the Elmwood Village. This MPP project is projected to see a minimum of 15% energy savings by focusing on insulating the steam piping, installing new Energy Star windows and air sealing & insulating in the basement areas. 


Alberta Square is a 48 Unit complex in Amherst, NY. This project will see a 15% minimum energy reduction. Measures include insulation, air sealing and high efficiency heating upgrades.