Air Leakage Around Windows In A Commercial Building – Video!

This is a quick video we took yesterday when we were doing an energy assessment of a commercial building… Check out the air leakage coming from the windows! We used a blower door test to depressurize the room and a smoke pencil to enable a visual inspection. This testing method really helped to identify critical areas to air seal in this commercial building. Just a simple measure of caulking around these windows will help to drastically reduce air movement which will reduce utility bills (heating and cooling!) and increase comfort for the people sitting near them.


Fun Photos Friday!

Why not post a few fun photos of our team on this Friday afternoon?

Why PACE Matters: Financing Energy Efficiency Upgrades in NYS.

We are very excited about the future of the PACE program!

The NYS PACE program will allow building owners in NYS to pay back the costs of energy efficiency improvements on property tax bills over terms as long as 20 years. Western New York has yet to adopt the program however progress seems to be moving forward between city and county officials. Today PACE picked up some more state wide support from NYSERDA! You can read the latest press release here: PACE Updates July 2014

What is PACE?

Energize NY Finance leverages PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) financing to help commercial and non-profit property owners undertake deep energy improvements. The program must be adopted by a governing body of the county or city, it is not adopted statewide.Projects include energy efficiency and renewable energy for commercial, multi-family, light industrial and nonprofit owned buildings. You can read PACE case studies here.

Check out this video describing PACE by EnergizeNY!

Typical Energy Efficiency and Renewable Upgrades

  • Boilers and controls
  • Chillers and controls
  • Insulation and air sealing
  • Lighting
  • Oil to Gas conversions
  • Pumps
  • Windows
  • Solar Photovoltaic Systems
  • Solar Thermal Systems
  • Geothermal
  • Wind Turbines

Why is it important?

PACE is a program that can save energy and money for your business.

We in Western NY have a unique opportunity for businesses and organizations to save energy and money while upgrading our commercial building stock.

In 2009, New York state passed a Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) law that allows municipalities to offer PACE programs that can eliminate the up front costs of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects for commercial buildings and multifamily housing.

PACE allows building owners to pay back the costs of improvements on property tax bills over terms as long as 20 years.

Low interest loans are designed so the costs of repayment are less than the value of energy savings – meaning an immediate cost reduction for building owners.

To implement PACE locally, Erie County and the City of Buffalo would need to opt in to the Energy Improvement Corporation (at no cost), which NYSERDA has sanctioned to help municipalities enact PACE, while providing a source of low interest funds for the program.

Check out this video describing PACE by EnergizeNY!

Buffalo Energy Has A Commercial!

Cool! Check out our new commercial starring David, one of our top energy auditors here at Buffalo Energy! You can catch the commercial on TV during the Yankees Games in WNY. Call us today at 716-677-4899 for your energy efficiency needs.