Buffalo Energy Attends The NYSERDA Multifamily Partner Conference in Troy, NY!

We just got back from the annual NYSERDA Multifamily Partner Conference! This conference is where all the partners from across the state convene to learn and discuss what works / doesn’t work and lessons learned from other multifamily projects. This conference comes at a critical time – NYSERDA as we know it is changing and shifting their focus to Clean Energy, PACE financing is picking up steam and building codes are changing next year for residential and commercial buildings. (Much more on that later!) This conference was a great way to discuss the future and how we plan to adapt to all of these changes!

You can read more about the upcoming NYSERDA changes here. We plan to do a bigger blog post explaining our take on it all very soon.

Buffalo Energy at the NYSERDA MPP Partner Conference

Buffalo Energy at the NYSERDA MPP Partner Conference. From left to right – Fred, Cyd, Michael, Bernice, David, Melanie and Peggy.


Air Sealing & Insulating The Jefferson Apartments in Niagara Falls, NY

Fun Photo Friday! Our crews are in downtown Niagara Falls air sealing and insulating the historic Jefferson Apartments. Thanks to our crew air sealing around the gaps and cracks throughout their apartments and in the basement, the residents can now say goodbye to all those pesky winter drafts! Air sealing also reduces the weird smells, pests and noises that can transfer between apartments. Call us today if you have drafts and comfort issues in your home – you’d be surprised how inexpensive / cost effective it is to air seal, weatherize and insulate your home! If you don’t believe us, you’ll believe this. #comfortmatters

EmPower NY – Free Upgrades for Low Income Homeowners & Renters in Buffalo!

Do you want free energy efficiency upgrades to your home? Call us today!

Our insulation crews on site insulating a home for HGTV!

Our insulation crews on site insulating a home for HGTV!

If your household income is below 60 percent of the state median income or you participate in a utility payment assistance program, you should consider applying for the EmPower Program. By participating in the EmPower NY, you can get FREE energy saving measures such as lighting, appliances, insulation and much more for your house no matter if you rent or own! This will help make you more comfortable and safe while decreasing the amount of money you spend on your utility bills.

  • To learn more about what to expect from this program, click here.
  • To find out if you are eligible for the program, click here.

For more information about EmPower, give us a call right away! As a partner of this program, we are able to do the assessment and the work needed to get you the free upgrades your home needs.

NYSERDA Residential Programs – Start Saving Energy and Money!

If you are interested in getting your home to be more energy efficient, there are many residential programs out there for you to take advantage of. (Click here for the link) Many programs give discounts and even FREE work for those who income qualify. EmPower NY is a program that is loved – it offers renters new appliances, insulation and other energy efficiency work for FREE if you income qualify.

If these programs don’t work for you – call us! Often times you can forget the program and just do common sense things to your home that will save you money, add comfort and increase your home value! We can consult, design and install the measures your home will need including HVAC, Insulation and Air Sealing.

nyserda residential programs



The Importance of Fall Furnace Maintenance!

Fall Maintenance on your furnace is super important… and here’s why.

Think of your furnace like your car engine. Every few thousand miles, it needs a new filter, an oil change and a car wash. Doing that protects the car, keeps the engine running smooth and gives YOU peace of mind that everything is ok with your car.

Well, a furnace isn’t much different!! In order for your furnace to run efficiently, safely, prolong its lifespan and give you peace of mind – you should be getting a clean & tune done at least once a year. The clean and tune is inexpensive and really can help save raise the efficiency of your equipment, identify potential health and safety issues and it cleans out the dust and pollen so it doesn’t blow it around in your house. With a clean and tune, you get a new air filter and a freshly cleaned furnace that is now running in tip top shape!

Hey, if we haven’t convinced you, check out what “This Old House” has to say about it!

Of course, we do much more than just clean and tunes. We can install and maintain every type of heating and cooling system. We also install air sealing and insulation and we can consult/design a plan to reduce your energy bills. For a list of all of our HVAC services, click here. Give us a call today to schedule your clean and tune!

Matt begins a clean & tune in Buffalo, NY.

Matt begins a clean & tune in Buffalo, NY.