Buffalo Energy Mentioned In The September Spree Article About The Seniors In Our Community Adopting Energy Efficiency To Ensure Comfort Long Through Retirement.

HOME: Aging in place

Adapting for the golden years

Buffalo Spree /September 2015 /HOME: Aging in place

By Kelly Hayes McAlone

When Carol Siracuse and Tom Palamuso met in 1999, both were recently widowed and shared passion for travel, sailing, and design—but not the same town. Siracuse lived in Fredonia and Palmuso on Granger Place in Buffalo. When they decided to marry in 2001, choosing where to live was a momentous decision, in part because they wanted a home that would accommodate aging into retirement. A loft would work, but they couldn’t find one near the amenities they considered essential. They also really liked the Elmwood Village and Tom was still attached to his Granger Place home, which he’d been restoring since he and his first wife bought it in 1980.


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The UB GRoW Home Is Underway In The National Solar Decathalon – BE Is a Sponsor And Adviser For The Students

Solar is on the rise in Buffalo, long a city of innovation in electricity. Passive and active solar housing is a feasible and practical option in Buffalo. This is affirmed by SolarCity’s move to build a 1.2million-square-foot factory in Buffalo, one of the largest in the Western hemisphere. The growth of solar in New York State has increased more than 300 percent from 2011 to 2014, twice the rate of U.S. solar growth overall.

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Pope Addressing UN Regarding Sustainability

Pope Francis Addresses U.N., Calling for Peace and Environmental Justice

UNITED NATIONS — With a passionate call from Pope Francis to choose environmental justice over a “boundless thirst for power and material prosperity,” world leaders on Friday adopted an ambitious agenda to reset their own priorities, from ending hunger to protecting forests to ensuring quality education for all.

“We want to change our world, and we can,” Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany told a packed General Assembly hall.

The global goals, which emerged after three years of negotiations, are 17 in all. Known as the Sustainable Development Goals, they are not legally binding, and therefore not enforceable. But they carry a moral force of coercion, because they are adopted by consensus by the 193 member states of the United Nations. They apply to all countries, not just poor ones, as was the objective of the last round of ambitions, called the Millennium Development Goals, which expired this year.

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Bernice’s Show Airing

For preservationist, whirlwind of a career leads to DIY TV series

Step cautiously, Bernice Radle warns.

“There are these spiders,” she says, hunching over to scrunch her barely 5-foot-2 frame into the low-ceiling basement of her soon-to-be-home. This circa-1860s cottage on Buffalo’s West Side is broken: The brick walls are stripped bare, the wooden floor is pocked, the white and blue exterior is peeling. The stairs to the basement are dusty and cracked. At any moment, an arachnid – maybe dead, maybe alive – may crunch beneath your feet.

“The spiders turn white after they die,” Radle says. “It’s nasty. It reminds me of a horror movie.”

In its current state, this house is unlivable, even ugly. But Radle has built her life around the concept of transforming the seemingly untenable into something impressive.

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