BE a High Performance Building Owner

BE Accomodating

You spend a lot of time, money, and effort making your multi-unit complex work for you and your tenants. You know it’s more than just buildings, its people; their lives, their dreams.

Putting some of that time, money and effort into the environmental features of your complex goes a long way. It drives up the value of your buildings, helps to attract the best tenants, and allows your brand to reach a new level of distinction.

If it’s been a while since you looked into energy efficiency improvements, there are many new technologies and processes to take advantage of. These “high performance building” upgrades can really make your facility stand out. It’s a fantastic opportunity to create value.

When it comes to multifamily buildings, BE is one of the best. We’ve been at it for years—and we’ve got the awards to prove it.

BE has performed work on hundreds of apartment complexes throughout the north east and we’ve secured over $20m in incentives and rebates for our clients to energy efficiency projects.

But best of all, our knowledgeable team has delivered thoughtful guidance and quality implementation of high-performance upgrades that actually save you money.

Regardless of size, age, or condition, if you’re thinking about building improvements you should call us. We can really help maximize your ROI.

What our customers have been saying:

“Thanks you to Ken, Rob and the rest of the crew at Buffalo Energy for your care and professionalism during the insulation/sealing job at my rental property. My tenants commented on how considerate you were of the premises and how generous you were with information. Everyone is warm and no more frozen pipes. Great service!”

–Patty Macdonald