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BN Reports that NY State extends solar power incentive program

The state is extending the incentives available for solar projects by realloacting more than $6 million in unused funding toward its NY­Sun programs. The incentives, or rebates, are meant to lower the costs of residential, small­commercial and largecommercial, solar­power projects in the state and to support wider adoption of green sources of energy, according to […]

Buffalo Energy Mentioned In The September Spree Article About The Seniors In Our Community Adopting Energy Efficiency To Ensure Comfort Long Through Retirement.

HOME: Aging in place Adapting for the golden years Buffalo Spree /September 2015 /HOME: Aging in place By Kelly Hayes McAlone When Carol Siracuse and Tom Palamuso met in 1999, both were recently widowed and shared passion for travel, sailing, and design—but not the same town. Siracuse lived in Fredonia and Palmuso on Granger Place […]

The UB GRoW Home Is Underway In The National Solar Decathalon – BE Is a Sponsor And Adviser For The Students

Solar is on the rise in Buffalo, long a city of innovation in electricity. Passive and active solar housing is a feasible and practical option in Buffalo. This is affirmed by SolarCity’s move to build a 1.2million-square-foot factory in Buffalo, one of the largest in the Western hemisphere. The growth of solar in New York State […]

Pope Addressing UN Regarding Sustainability

By SOMINI SENGUPTA and JIM YARDLEY SEPT. 25, 2015 Pope Francis Addresses U.N., Calling for Peace and Environmental Justice UNITED NATIONS — With a passionate call from Pope Francis to choose environmental justice over a “boundless thirst for power and material prosperity,” world leaders on Friday adopted an ambitious agenda to reset their own priorities, from […]

Bernice’s Show Airing

By Tim O’Shei | @timoshei Buffalo News Staff Reporter For preservationist, whirlwind of a career leads to DIY TV series Step cautiously, Bernice Radle warns. “There are these spiders,” she says, hunching over to scrunch her barely 5-foot-2 frame into the low-ceiling basement of her soon-to-be-home. This circa-1860s cottage on Buffalo’s West Side is broken: The […]

Air Sealing Party Pics!

On Friday, April 17th, we teamed up with The Foundry to do a DIY air sealing party to teach air sealing techniques to home owners while helping The Foundry seal up their building. It was truly a very informative and effective event! We were thrilled to be able to donate time and material to such a great cause.Thanks […]

Ice Dams? Don’t Call Your Roofer, Call Buffalo Energy!

Roof leaks caused by ice dams not a roofing issue! Ice Dams and Leaks? It’s not a roofing issue! Check out our YNN / TWC news spot here: http://www.twcnews.com/nys/buffalo/news/2015/03/9/water-leaks-likely-heat-loss.html In Buffalo, the large ice dams on homes this winter are causing roof leaks. This does not mean that your roof needs to be fixed or replaced. […]

Let’s Talk About Smart LED Lighting Solutions!

LED Lighting is all the rage these days! Doing a LED lighting conversion for your building’s light fixtures can save you 50% – 80% on your energy usage, it lasts five times longer than the old bulbs and the paybacks are insanely quick! With incentives, the paybacks are even better. There are a variety of different lighting […]