The Many Benefits of Cellulose Insulation.

Cellulose insulation is so much more than just saving money on your heating and cooling costs! Let’s talk about some of the benefits of installing blown cellulose into your home!

Sound Reduction: Did you realize that insulation can help reduce sounds traveling inside and outside of your home? One of our clients was thrilled that once he had cellulose blown into his walls, he could no longer hear his neighbors! This is great for those who live in more urban spaces where they have less space between houses.

Added Comfort: Insulation is like adding a sweater to your body. The dense material adds comfort to your home because once installed, there are less drafts coming in through the wall cavities.

Insulating Older Homes:  Homes built prior to 1960’s are likely to have little to no insulation in the attics and walls. In an existing older building, it is much easier to install blown cellulose insulation in without potentially damaging the historic elements of the home! Check here for an informative brief from the National Park Service on general energy efficiency tips in historic buildings.

Safety: Insulation is known for reducing the spread of fire. There are many case studies but this video is our favorite. Check this video out and see it for yourself!