Bernice’s Show Airing

For preservationist, whirlwind of a career leads to DIY TV series

Step cautiously, Bernice Radle warns.

“There are these spiders,” she says, hunching over to scrunch her barely 5-foot-2 frame into the low-ceiling basement of her soon-to-be-home. This circa-1860s cottage on Buffalo’s West Side is broken: The brick walls are stripped bare, the wooden floor is pocked, the white and blue exterior is peeling. The stairs to the basement are dusty and cracked. At any moment, an arachnid – maybe dead, maybe alive – may crunch beneath your feet.

“The spiders turn white after they die,” Radle says. “It’s nasty. It reminds me of a horror movie.”

In its current state, this house is unlivable, even ugly. But Radle has built her life around the concept of transforming the seemingly untenable into something impressive.

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Buffalo Energy Attends The NYSERDA Multifamily Partner Conference in Troy, NY!

We just got back from the annual NYSERDA Multifamily Partner Conference! This conference is where all the partners from across the state convene to learn and discuss what works / doesn’t work and lessons learned from other multifamily projects. This conference comes at a critical time – NYSERDA as we know it is changing and shifting their focus to Clean Energy, PACE financing is picking up steam and building codes are changing next year for residential and commercial buildings. (Much more on that later!) This conference was a great way to discuss the future and how we plan to adapt to all of these changes!

You can read more about the upcoming NYSERDA changes here. We plan to do a bigger blog post explaining our take on it all very soon.

Buffalo Energy at the NYSERDA MPP Partner Conference

Buffalo Energy at the NYSERDA MPP Partner Conference. From left to right – Fred, Cyd, Michael, Bernice, David, Melanie and Peggy.