Berlin, NH – An Energy Efficiency Success Story!

In 2012, we spent a lot of time up in New Hampshire doing energy efficiency projects, using the last of the ARRA funding. It was a great success – with dozens of affordable multifamily buildings getting new energy efficiency upgrades!

Here is an article that describes the Berlin Housing Authority project that we worked on. As the official energy efficiency partner for this project, we were able to help the owners identify cost effective energy efficiency measures to save energy and increase comfort inside their buildings for years to come! 

“The implementation of the Energy Reduction Project not only made the residents happy, it gave a boost to the local economy by pumping one-half million dollars back into the community, since all local businesses were used to deploy the plan. In a small community like Berlin, businesses often work together well because of being familiar with other businesses’ needs and capabilities.”

Lastly, it has been amazing to work with Mary Jo Landry and her team who really understood the many benefits of doing an energy efficiency project. Directly from the article: “Without the vision and tenacity of our Board of Commissioners and Executive Director Mary Jo Landry, none of this would have been possible. “We do it for our residents, who may be your family or your neighbors or someone you know from a store you frequented. Many are still contributing members of our community. We owe it to them and our future generations to be responsible stewards for our seniors, our disadvantaged and our natural resources. This means providing a comfortable, positive, healthy place for them to live.”

Berlin Housing Authority

Air Sealing & Insulating The Jefferson Apartments in Niagara Falls, NY

Fun Photo Friday! Our crews are in downtown Niagara Falls air sealing and insulating the historic Jefferson Apartments. Thanks to our crew air sealing around the gaps and cracks throughout their apartments and in the basement, the residents can now say goodbye to all those pesky winter drafts! Air sealing also reduces the weird smells, pests and noises that can transfer between apartments. Call us today if you have drafts and comfort issues in your home – you’d be surprised how inexpensive / cost effective it is to air seal, weatherize and insulate your home! If you don’t believe us, you’ll believe this. #comfortmatters