Green Buildings Are BEtter Buildings

Social Capital and Savings

Going green isn’t a feel good, philanthropic public relations stunt. It’s a serious and profitable way to set your business apart—and we help you make the most of it.

Most “business as usual” investments and upgrades are cost sinks. Often they are done without considering all the angles. That’s where we come in.

We help you re-think energy saving upgrades by turning those investments into a competitive advantage.

Energy retrofits make your building more sustainable and less costly to run while providing more satisfying outcomes for the occupants. And best news of all, they help distinguish your brand!

Every day more people are judging businesses by their willingness to take a position on helping our planet.

Here’s the thing, even if you aren’t fully ready to take the plunge based on sustainability, it’s only a matter of time before higher prices, usage taxes, disruptions, rationed service or aggressive policy changes take a bite out of your operating budgets.

Putting sustainability practices into place now will give you an edge over every “dinosaur” that didn’t prepare for the inevitable.

BE Ahead of the Times

As energy contractors, the BE Team provides a comprehensive set of services for all your energy savings, building comfort and sustainability needs.

BE Sure. We really excel at solving energy performance issues that stump a lot of other folks and implementing common-sense solutions.

We like to start most projects with a targeted energy assessment. When conducted by reputable and experienced professionals, energy assessments guard your resources, protect your investment and ensure that the proposed solution solves the true-cause of the problem.