Give Your Home the BE Treatment

BE Sure.

We really excel at solving energy performance issues that stump a lot of other folks, like high energy bills, moisture problems, ice dams, and a variety of indoor comfort issues.

We like to start most projects with an Energy Audit. We know, we know- you’re skeptical of Energy Audits. And our industry has given you every reason to be – they’ve been used irresponsibly as both a marketing carrot and a sales stick for far too long. Suspend your skepticism just long enough to let us do our due diligence.

The energy-using systems in your home are all interconnected. It’s far too easy to confuse a side effect as the root cause of an energy problem. When Energy Audits are used as a credible assessment tool, and conducted by reputable energy experts, they guard your resources, protect your investment, and ensure that the problem is in fact the problem.

And this approach has gotten us noticed.  We are an award-winning partner with the state energy authority (NYSERDA) and can connect you to the best energy efficiency incentives available. With over 30 seasoned building performance specialists on staff, we have the resources and knowledge to make your project a success.

BE Engaged.

We offer something far more valuable than a job well done and an energy retrofit that pays for itself.  Beyond solving the immediate issues with your home, we introduce clients to a new way of thinking that makes it easy for them to adopt a sustainable lifestyle, reduce their environmental impact and inspire them to re-think the way they use energy.